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Valleys, Seasons, and Beauty

January 14, 2019




First Glance
Upon my first glance,
Beauty beseeches my eyes
and cripples my soul.


The Valley
A gloomy valley-
A warm, intense heart crying,
in spite of the mind.


The Leaf 
An autumn wind blows,
a crumpled brown leaf afar..
Home is now unknown.


The Forest
Bracing wintertime-
A cold forest radiates
with the splendid sky.


Old Chimney
Nippy wintertime-
A light, rustic snow melting
on the old chimney.


Crickets Chirping
Muggy eventide-
Little, black crickets chirping
in the darken woods.


Wild Flowers
Lulling battlefields-
Alluring wild flowers beaming
betrayed by the sun.

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