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The Barrier

March 6, 2018


There is a storm coming. It's more violent and destructive than anything that has ever been seen. Lives will be changed. Lives will be destroyed. Lives will never be the same again. There have been countless lightning strikes, strong winds, loud thunder, and even earthquake tremors. People are frightened and have already tried to find refuge but to no avail.


There is one group, however, who thinks they have found the source of the impending storm. They feel that if they could just break through its barriers that they could destroy it. Still, these barriers seem impossible to break through. They consist of miles and miles of thorns, brick, electric fences, land mines, canyons, and rivers of liquid poison. And even if the group did break through the barriers, there is still no guarantee that they could stop the storm. As folks try to break through by building bridges and navigating through the thick brush, lives are lost and broken. Still, they keep trying because there is really no other hope.


Then one day, with the storm on the horizon, minutes away from disaster striking, there is finally a break through. After years of persevering, the group, which is now half its original size, is able to make it through the storm’s barriers. There, a man stood with a serious, but gentle appearance about him. The group asked this man if he knew how to stop the storm. He said that while he did know how to stop it, he still wouldn’t. He added that the storm is in fact that of the price of free will. Then he said that the only thing he could do is to help us through the storm when it does come. He proclaimed that anyone who would stay with him would ultimately be fine but that whoever did not would certainly perish. Someone asked, “Why should we trust you? Who gave you such authority”?


He said in a deep majestic voice, “because I AM the great I AM”!


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