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The Voice

December 29, 2017



“LET ME OUT,” pleads a voice from a locked room.


“No, you will never be allowed to come out again,” says another voice, in a stern manner. “You have caused me so much pain and agony and I can’t let you continue to hurt me.”


“I am just doing what I was meant to do,” explains the voice. “If you would just give me a chance? I can give you happiness, joy, and peace.”


Grumbling, the voice on the outside says, in a bit of a sarcastic tone, “You can also bring me anger, humiliation, sadness, and disgust.”


“Yes, you are right, but you can’t experience the truly good times without experiencing the bad times as well. It’s in these bad times where you discover who you really are as a person, who you can rely on, and who your true friends are. It is where you learn and grow. It’s where you are humbled and show vulnerability. Most importantly, it's where God can mold you the most. You see, without the bad times, you can’t become the person you are meant to be.”


With an indifferent tone, the voice on the outside responds, “I want to let you out. I want to feel joy again. I want to help people when they are in need. I want to experience happiness when the good times come. Problem is, I can’t. I can’t do it. I would rather not feel or experience any emotion, than to have to feel the pain of people dying, or see folks crying as tears roll down their faces. I can’t stand to see people hurting, having been betrayed by friends and family members. I can’t stand to see individuals make mistakes that will cause their families sorrow. I can’t stand to read internet articles about heinous crimes that have been committed. I would rather live an emotionless life, than experience the hurt and sorrow of this fallen world. I’m sorry, but I just can't let you out.”


Then, somewhere in the distance, a faint sound emerges. As it draws closer and closer, the sound is recognizable as that of the song Amazing Grace. As it nears, light begins to shine on the locked door. Suddenly, the outside person realizes that it's not the voice in the locked room that is imprisoned, but it's he who is trapped and can’t get out.


The voice speaks to the now detained man: “He stands at the door and knocks. He won’t force His way in, even though He could. You are trying to go through life on your own. You won’t let anyone in to help you. How can you make a difference in this world if you won’t open the door?”


“He allowed Himself to experience pain that you cannot even imagine. He sacrificed His Son for you, for all of humanity. Even for those who spat in His face. What if He decided to live like you wish to? What if He did not allow His own Son to be tortured and humiliated for you? Don’t you see? He did this for you. He did not turn His back on you, when you needed Him the most, for fear of pain.”


“You are not made to handle me this way. He didn't create you this way. You must realize, He is here for you. He will help you through the bad times and celebrate with you during the good times. You need to be brave during these times of pain.”


“You need to be strong for others around you: He needs to use you to show His grace, His mercy, and His love. It's through the bad times that the people of this world can be reached the most effectively. You are a reflection of Him. If folks see you as an emotionless, stay to yourself kind of person, then that is exactly how they will see Him. If people see you as a man who runs and hides in the face of adversity, then that is how they will see Him. If people see you as a self-centered, mean, and cranky man, then that is how they will see Him. You have identified yourself with Him.”


“Now please, open the door and let me in so that you can live life to your potential, through the good times and the bad. He will never leave you or forsake you. Please understand, you need Him to help you to learn how to handle me, for I am too powerful to control on our own.”


With the song now playing very loudly, the man put his hand on the deadbolt and unlocked it. He then put his hand on the door handle and opened it.


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