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The Past Love

December 5, 2017


Hey, why haven’t you been spending time with me lately?


I can remember when you first laid eyes on me: You couldn’t keep them off of me. All day and night, you watched and studied me. You couldn’t leave my side. I used to hear you talk to your buddies about how you could not live without me, and how you needed me in your life.


Then, one day, I realized I wasn’t getting the attention that I used to. I could even hear you complaining that I'm no longer interesting enough, and that you are tired of being with the same boring person.


Now, I just remain here, as your love and affections have turned to another. Now, I can see you looking at your new love: You can’t keep your eyes off of her. You tell your friends that she is the love of your life. The worst part is that you have done all of this right in front of me, without a care for my feelings. You have disregarded me to my face.


That is OK though. I will remain here. Once you tire of her, you will return to me. I will make myself new and more entertaining. It will be just a matter of time before you get tired of her, and will want to look at me again. I will ultimately destroy your new relationship.


While I am at it, I will slowly destroy your life, as well. Sin shall prevail, and I shall become an instrument of the devil, slowly corrupting your mind. And I won’t stop there. No, I will slowly corrupt your kids’ minds as well. I will turn all of your minds into thoughtless goo.


You won't have the desire to do anything but watch. I will own your lives! You will center everything around me. You will schedule everything that I have to offer around me. You will be putty in my hands. Now, you know what to do. Pick up that remote, and turn me on!


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