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The Christmas Tree

October 26, 2017


As I grow here among the pine trees of every kind, color, and size, I wonder if this will be the year that a family selects me to become their special Christmas tree. As the days pass by, I see moms and dads holding hands with their children, laughing and running around as they try to pick out the perfect tree with such joyful hearts. Although some glance my way and some even measure me, no one has yet to select me.


As the season gets later, my anxieties start to take over. Am I too big? Not full enough? Not the correct shape? Deep down, I know if I'm not selected this year, I may end up like a lot of trees here, living and dying, without ever seeing the joy of a family opening gifts on Christmas morning. If they're not picked, the trees stop hoping and a deep sadness dwells within their roots. They would just assume get cut down to end their miserable existence. I just hope that I will get a chance to fulfill my purpose, before it's too late.


On the last day before closing for the year, a young family, full of life and anticipation, looks my way. I could hear the kids saying, “Pick that tree, we love it, it's so beautiful.” I could also hear their parents saying to be patient. They looked at each other as they couldn’t see why their kids loved me so much. Then the family left without me.


I now know my destiny will be to live out a purposeless life. How demoralizing. I can only hope lightning strikes and puts me out of my sorrow. I can’t stand to know that for the upcoming years, I will have to watch other trees get to do what I dream of. I will become what I dread the most: a tree that didn’t get to fulfill its wish.


Wait, I hear the family coming back, and they haven’t selected a tree yet. Again, the children are begging their parents to pick me. Finally, they ask their kids why they love me so much. They said, “This tree needs us. It needs us to love it so much that it shines on Christmas day. Isn’t that what Jesus would want us to do? To love those who are in need to make a difference in their lives?”


Their parents were stunned by this response and said, “not only are we going to get this tree, but we're not going to cut it down, however, we'll dig it up. We will replant it after Christmas day in our back yard as a reminder of how to celebrate Christmas the right way.”


Appropriately, a light drizzle of rain came down to portray my tears. Not only would I get to spend Christmas day with such a kind and loving family, but I’d get to watch them for years as they live life to its fullest. This is the greatest moment of my life!


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