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Life has a purpose; you can have an influence on those around you. B'Hive Stories serves as a vessel to share stories, poetry, and comments to my loyal readers to think about how your life is important and how you can be a blessing to those around you. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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February 21, 2019

Honey Bees

A thick sturdy branch-

Fuzzy, honey bees buzzing

around the sweet hive.

Spring Flowers

Fields of solitude-

Elegant spring flowers bloom

by the Designer.

Warm Breeze

Beginning of spring-

A warm, gentle breeze touches

her innocent face.  

Spring Rain

A chilly morning-


January 18, 2019


God’s holy marriage-
A new, radiant groom smiles
at the perfect bride.

Traditional Church
Cozy countryside-
A traditional church sings
hymns of salvation.

Holy Saviour
The old rugged cross-

A holy Saviour suffers

for the broken world.

The Soul
Abysmal valley-
A very...

December 27, 2018